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Simple Communications.

It's e-mail that just works -- and makes sense .

We designed it to make communicating easy while allowing all the important functions of e-mail.

And it's an assisted system. Whoever you are, if you help an older adult, we have an interface for you, too.

Learn More about E-mail for Seniors about simple E-mail, designed for seniors.

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Bridge the Digital Divide.

We give you the perfect way to keep your older relatives more connected with their children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren*.

* We want to hear your story if you're bridging more than four generations with PawPawMail!

Is Grandma on your Contacts List?
More importantly, are you on hers? Being kept in the loop by e-mail helps seniors stay connected to family who increasingly communicate with computers and smart phones.
Give them Simplicity. Assist from Anywhere!
We've built the entire interface around one idea: ease of use. It's an unintimidating interface for them, and you can assist from anywhere by setting up addresses, sending photos...
Simple Email for Seniors
PawPawMail is a simple email system designed specifically for seniors / elderly / older adults. Without sacrificing the functions of a traditional e-mail program, it allows anyone new to computers to become comfortable with e-mail quickly and with assistance. Find out more about why we think we've created one of the easiest, friendliest, most intuitive interfaces out there!
Read some reviews on simple e-mail!
The New York Times covered us extensively in Easy E-mail for the Older Generation and then talked about using PawPawMail as a communications device in Helping Grandpa Get His Tech On. Check out more coverage when you Learn More about Easy Senior Email
Welcome, Presto Users!
The Presto E-Mail Service (not affiliated with PawPawMail) is shutting down; this had been one of our primary recommendations for people looking for all-in-one hardware systems. See Presto Replacement Recommendation for more of our thoughts. Welceme, Presto users!