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About the Pawpaw Fruit (and the Pawpaw Tree)

Pawpaws have a short, inconvenient season; they are easily bruised and travel poorly; they have a short shelf life; when ripe, they look splotchy and semi-diseased; and their flowers smell vaguely of rotting meat. What's not to love?

The pawpaw fruit, fortunately, makes up for these drawbacks in spades. Inside, it has a creamy, custardy tropical banana flavor and texture.

  a pawpaw fruit

There's a whole movement behind commercializing the growing of pawpaws -- in our inexpert opinion, it seems to be spearheaded by Kentucky State University. You can find out much more in the Wikipedia article on pawpaws, academic information about the pawpaw and its cultivation at KSU (and its Pawpaw Foundation) ,Virginia Tech, Purdue, Cornell, the USDA, and the OPGA (see also: Floridata.) Wine and beer can be made from pawpaws, and Susie, of course, was lost once, way down yonder in the pawpaw patch, while picking them up and putting them in her pockets.

You can read more about pawpaws in some interesting info we've found: "Pawpaws -- The Forgotten Fruit", Alabama Pawpaw Tree Profile, Pawpaws and other Uncommon Fruits in the Garden seciton of the New York Times, North American Fruit Explorers 2001 Conference on PawPaws, Background from Midwest Fruit Explorers, Pawpaw Seedlings/Trees available for sale: Willis Orchard, Raintree Nursery, and Peterson Pawpaws.

We, of course, hope to attend the annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival on September 19-20, 2009.

NB: There is a Paw Paw, IL; a Paw Paw, MI; a Pawpaw, OK, a Paw Paw, MD; a Paw Paw, KY; and a Paw Paw, WV.

Let us know if you have any pawpaw information you'd like to include: our logo may be a pawpaw, but that doesn't mean that we don't have tons more to learn about one of the coolest fruits on earth.

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