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Special Offer for Centenarians! (100+-year-olds)
For a limited time, we're offering entirely free accounts to users over 100!

We want everyone to know just how easy PawPawMail is to use.

To make sure everyone knows that PawPawMail gets better with age, we're going to put it out there for our oldest potential customers -- those who have been least likely ever to use a computer before. And besides, if you're part of the elite 100+ club, don't you deserve a freebie?

Besides, it's August. It's too hot to go out, and what better way to see up-to-the-minute pictures of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and maybe even a great-great or two? Keep in touch while beating the heat!

Here's How it Works:
  1. You (family member of a centenarian) sign up for a free trial account
  2. You'll immediately get an account. Set it up and start using it!
  3. You e-mail us ( and tell us you're participating
  4. Some time in the next few weeks, send us some sort of proof of the user's age. We'll err on the side of acceptance rather than caution, but please give us something we can hang our hat on! Call us if you have any doubts.
  5. Your account will never expire!

That's it! Let the free accounts begin! Ends August 31 at suppertime (4pm)!

If you have the slightest question, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone at (404) 635-6245!

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