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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about the Pawpaw fruit!
Glad you asked! The pawpaw looks like a papaya on the outside, and it resembles a banana with a bunch of small, unshelled almonds in it on the inside. Due to easy bruising, they haven't been commercially successful, and the fact that their flowers attract pollinators by smelling like rotten meat doesn't always endear them to casual growers.   a pawpaw fruit

You can find out much more in the Wikipedia article on pawpaws, academic information about the pawpaw and its cultivation at Kentucky State University(and its Pawpaw Foundation) ,Virginia Tech, Purdue, Cornell, the USDA, and the OPGA (see also: Floridata, . Wine and beer can be made from pawpaws, and Susie, of course, was lost once picking them up and putting them in her pockets.

We, of course, hope to attend the annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival on September 19-20, 2009.

NB: There is a Paw Paw, IL; a Paw Paw, MI; a Pawpaw, OK, a Paw Paw, MD; a Paw Paw, KY; and a Paw Paw, WV.

Stay tuned as we accumulate more and more information about the Pawpaw fruit and its corresponding tree.

Where are other useful sites you've found for Seniors?

We've done a lot of searching the web for ways to make life easier for our own grandparents. We'll be putting together a full list of helpful links soon, but for now, we thought we'd mention a few that are burning holes in our metaphorical pockets:

How does billing work?
PawPawMail charges a recurring $5 monthly fee -- you will be charged through our reseller,, every month after signup. Let us know that you want to cancel at any point (see our contact information), and we will immediately cancel the next recurring payment so that you won't be charged in the future. Your credit card statement will show something similar to: "2CO*PAWPAW"


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