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Getting Started: Get your System Ready

Getting Started: 1) Sign Up > 2) Get your System Ready > 3) Get the User Going > Done!

System Requirements:

The requirements are the same for the User and for the Manager:

Any computer with a connection to the internet (dial-up, DSL, cable, etc.), and that can run Flash in its web browser. And that's pretty much anything -- we've tried it on an old Windows 98 machine we found in the attic, all the computers our friends have lying around, Mac, Windows, Linux.

Installation Instructions:

For the Manager: nothing. Just pop open your browser and go to

For the User: No need to install anything. If you've already been set up by the Manager, you're ready to go at

The Manager should just create a simple windows, mac, etc. setup for the User: the computer can be configured in just a few minutes to log on automatically to a specific account, which will automatically launch pawpawmail. If the User is using dial-up, this can happen automatically as well. When finished, the User may simply shut down the computer. Remember, no need to install anything -- just a few minutes of configuration. Click for instruction on setting up a Mac and setting up Windows to use Ridiculously Easy E-mail (if you're using Linux, we'll trust you on your own).

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