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We're always happy to tell you more about PawPawMail than you'll ever want to hear -- give us a call at p h o n e or reach us at e m a i l.

PawPawMail, created to solve a co-founder's grandfather's e-mail difficulties circa late 2007 and brought to the public in early 2009, offers a simple, assisted e-mail service for older adults and their families. PawPawMail is available on virtually every platform, from the old PC sitting in your attic to the iPad.

PawPawMail also works quite well for Assisted Living and other group settings, where managers can provide PawPawMail to all residents in minutes using a simple management interface.

Press Coverage

Mar 4, 2010
Seniors for Living

Oct 29, 2009
New York Times

Sept 21, 2009
Special Treat: Pawpaw (the fruit) eating competition at OH Pawpaw Festival (co-founder, pictured, takes 8th place; unmentioned)
Columbus Food Adventures

May 19, 2009
Reabilitacão Cognitiva

May 18, 2009
Mr. 6

May 16, 2009

May 15, 2009
New York Times
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Coming March 1, 3pm EST

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Also see our elderly technology blog for more information.

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