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The New York Times first mentioned PawPawMail in Easier E-mail for the Older Generation in May, 2009.

They then covered PawPawMail in Helping Grandpa Get His Tech On again.

We were covered in the popular productivity blog, Lifehacker, in Set Up Your Loved Ones with the Best Tech Tools for Keeping in Touch in January, 2010.

But there's much more than that! Personal and industry blogs aplenty have stumbled onto PawPawMail. Here's a sample of what we've run across -- let us know if you see any others!

Seniors for Living covers us in There's an App for the Email Challenged

Jean's Walker Bags mentions us as a great gift idea for seniors.

Hofstra University's Geronotology Department mentions us in its What's New bulletin.

Mr. 6, who appears to be a prolific Chinese business blogger, covered us -- let us know if you can tell us what he said!

GrandParents Digest talks about us in Increasingly More Elderly Grandparents Using Technology.


The great Atlanta-based technology blog covering startups all over the Southeast, Techdrawl, covered us in PawPawMail -- Email for Seniors.

We attended and were a sponsor for the Ohio Pawpaw Festival (need to know what the pawpaw fruit is?), where two of us participated in the Pawpaw Eating Competition.

PawPawMail is discussed by the crowds on discarded lies.

The Portuguese-language blog ReabilitaĆ§Ć£o Cognitiva (Cognitive Rehabilitation in English translation) covered us in E-mail for Elderly

Emory's Work-Life Resource Center mentions us as a Resource for Families.

Open Magazine features us in New Technology for the Old's The Scoop mentions us in Staying in Touch with Your Senior when Care is Over

PC Bargain Hunter lists us as an e-mail resource for seniors

Be The Best You Can Be, a blog for parents of children with cognitive and emotional disabilities, mentions us in Software Services for Cognitively Disabled Persons

The American Geriatrics Society announces us in their newsletter.

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