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Convert from WebTV to PawPawMail!

WebTV (aka MSN TV) is discontinuing service on September 30, 2013! (see WebTV Notice of cancellation)

Use this opportunity to upgrade to a simple, straightforward, assisted e-mail service, built specifically for seniors.


(This is a real bumper sticker; ask for one)

PawPawMail can give you the best part of WebTV - Simple E-mail for your older friend or relative.


PawPawMail is incredibly easy to set up, and it's a great replacement for WebTV.

Load onto any old computer you have in the attic, attach a TV and a wireless keyboard/mouse, and you have an alternative TV-based e-mail device like WebTV!

Take a tour now or find out more about PawPawMail.

Need Web as well as E-mail?

Check out our partner, Sideboard, for a customized home page, also managed by you. They include PawPawMail as a package of web and e-mail to replace all the important parts of WebTV.

  • Rather than adding features, we've stripped them down to the essentials. What you need and nothing more.
  • We got rid of menus, right-clicks, and just about everything other than pressing a button for exactly what you want.
E-mail computer or Simple Web Site
  • You can turn a computer into a single-purpose machine, much like WebTV, in just a few steps. Have your computer boot straight into full-screen PawPawMail (optional) if you want to smooth out all the complexity.
  • Tailor the PawPawMail experience to the user. You can use Beginner or Advanced mode, English or Korean, big or HUGE type.
  • More imporantly, make sure you read our help to find out how to turn your computer into an e-mail machine, how to save passwords to make login easier, or how to launch in full screen to avoid browser confusion.
  • You (the "assistant") set up the account, set up the address book, and verify mail from unknown sources.
  • They read and send e-mail just by being able to click and do a little bit of typing.
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