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Mail: 2107 N Decatur Rd #314, Decatur, GA 30033

We're generally available during business hours (East coast time), and we try to respond within 24 hours to all calls that we can't take immediately.

Let us know your ideas!

We're always looking to hear what makes PawPawMail good, what makes it bad, and most importantly, how you're using it. Never hesitate to contact us with stories, ideas, complaints, praise, or requests. And if you have better bumper sticker ideas, let us know!

(This is a real bumper sticker; ask for one)

A few more quick items:

  • Don't hesitate to call for help, but also check out our PawPawMail Help section, which answers many common setup questions.
  • Check out our Privacy and Refund policies
  • We know we're beating a dead horse in asking this, but please let us know your thoughts about PawPawMail!

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