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Frequently Asked Questions

Similar questions come up all the time. Though we're happy to hear from you individually, the questions at right might resolve your question right away (or in the middle of the night). As you, the Users and Assistants of PawPawMail accounts ask us questions, we'll archive the answers here.

And as always, don't hesitate to call if you have a more complex question (see contact information below).

Assistant's Welcome Guide
Our Welcome Guide for PawPawMail Assistants. This gives you a brief, 4-page overview of how PawPawMail operates and what you can do to improve the User's experience. Check it out right away!
Configuration Guide for Seniors
For more than just PawPawMail users, this is a 20 page universal guide to Configuring Computers for Use by Seniors. It covers operating system configuration, screen setup, and special hardware to make computers easier for seniors.

Reviews of PawPawMail
Missed the story in the New York Times of how we got started? Want to see what everyone's saying about us? Check out these 20+ links.
And there's a lot more to come. We're still building our resource page, but we'd be remiss if we didn't point out You Can Do It Computers, a computer designed for seniors that bundles a free introductory subscription to PawPawMail. Suggest more computer resources, and we'll include them!

Contact Information

E-mail PawPawMail any time at
You can also reach us at , generally from 10am to 8pm US Eastern Time.

And don't just call if you have a problem! We welcome suggestions, thoughts, or stories at any time. Your suggestions and encouragement keeps PawPawMail going!

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