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Presto Replacement
E-mail Service for Seniors
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To users of the Presto E-mail Service:

We've long mentioned the Presto service as a hardware alternative to people who call our support line. Although our solution is quite different, we think it may be worth checking out as an alternative. Paired with a Chromebook, for example (especially a Touchscreen Chromebook), or any old PC you have lying around, you can fairly easily create an e-mail machine with PawPawMail.

PawPawMail is currently going through a conversion of payment processors, and we can't sign up new users currently

However, we plan on resuming accepting new accounts in mid-September. In the meantime, you can get a brief overview of the PawPawMail service on our Tour Site or find out More About Us.

If you'd like to be notified as soon as we're back up and running with our new payments system, please e-mail and we'll get back in touch!

(Probably obviously, we are not affiliated with Presto)

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